Zodiac Signs

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Aries is a sign of fire. It rules the head area of a human being. Aries have the capability to be an executive. They have abundance of energy to do what they want.

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They have a strong desire for personal security. Their quest for spritual truths comes by material efforts.They are artistic, cooperative and idealistic.

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Gemini - Astrofutureinsight.com


Gemini people are bright and prospective. They can inventive specially in languages and communication.They are young from heart.

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cancer - Astrofutureinsight.com


Such people are very supportive and good in listening. They are good with emotions, both with their's and other's.

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Leo - Astrofutureinsight.com


Leos are passionate, dominating and are authoritarian. They are full of life and energy and are expressive.

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Virgos are Down-to-Earth in nature but will think practically, rather than in an enthusiastic manner. They are also perfectionist.

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They are Lovers of Luxury and attracted to weath and status. They tend to do thing harmoniously and diplomatically.

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Scorpio - Atrofutureinsight.com


Scorpions are strong willed. They can maintain their position. They are known for their wisdom, and knowledge of life.

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Saggitarius - Astrofutureinsight.com


Such people strive to rise higher in life, are restless and want to be in action, whether mentally or physcically.

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Capricorn - Astrofutureinsight.com


Generally they are ambitious. They are responsible and goal oriented. They are honourable and practical.

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Aquarius - Astrofutureinsight.com


Such people avoid showing their emotions. They have strong will. They are concerned with universal truth.

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Pisces - Astrofutureinsight.com


Pisces are concerned with universal emotions. They are open, loving and warm people. They are visionary and creative.

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About Zodiac

Zodiac literally means "Circle of Life" and we see that zodiac signs are either animals or people. As the Zodiac is a thin band of sky on both side of the "Ecliptic", which appears as a trace on the outer large circle in the sky..

If we see the motion of the sun against stars for a year, we will find the "Ecliptic" The zodiac signs are divided into 12 signs, each being 30 degrees long. Zodiac signs begin with Aries at the spot of beginning of ecliptic, where the Sun is on the first day of spring. The degree of zodiac signs is meant for block of space in the sky and not the time. People often get confused between Sun Signs & zodiac signs. If any person is of Aries, It means that the person born at that time of the year, when the sun is in the beginning of ecliptic i.e. on zodiac sign of Aries. As our calendar is designed to show the mimic motions of the Sun around the zodiac. Usually Sun is in the Aries, in the same time period every year. Hence the other 12 zodiac sun signs are like months of a calendar based on the zodiac. However in Indian Astrology, the zodiac signs are studied according to movement of Moon, which spends about 2-1/2 in each sign, which affects the mind & bring the changes in behavior of the individual. The motion of the other planets is also irregular as Compare to Sun e.g., Pluto takes about 12-24 year in each sign.


Zodiac Sign, Their Lords & Gems
Rashi Rashi or Lagna Lord Lucky Gem
Aries Mesh Mars Coral
taurus Vrishabh Venus Diamond, w. Sapphire
gemini Mithun Mercury Emerald
cancer Kark Moon Pearl
leo Singh Sun Ruby
virgo Kanya Mercury Emerald
Libra Tula Venus Diamond, w. Sapphire
Scorpion Vrashchik Mars coral
Sagittarius Dhanu Jupiter yellow sapphire
Capricorn Makar Saturn sapphire
Aquarius Kumbh SaTurn sapphire
pisces MeenA Jupiter yellow sapphire




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