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Aries Taurus Aries

Health :-

Taurus is usually heavyset and strong. They are given to being muscular, which can lead in older age to corpulence if they do not keep up their physical activity. Features usually include a wide forehead and large eyes - William Shakespeare's famous portrait is illustrative of a typical Taurus face.

Taurus reigns over the throat and neck and as such they are susceptible to throat infections and respiratory ailments like asthma. They also risk problems with the sexual organs, liver, and kidneys.

Career :-

The Taurus is the ideal nose-to-the-grindstone employee. They will give everything they have to their employer, with undying loyalty. Taurus also has a mortal fear of going into debt.

Taurus also has a fear of change, which may become an issue for them in today's rapidly changing career landscape.

Taurus is best in positions of routine responsibility, where the salary is solid and a pension awaits them in retirement. They do not take risks. They are also very good with their hands and aren't afraid of manual labor if necessary.

If they can manage to discipline their headstrong natures, Aries will be extremely successful materially.

MoNey & Finance :-

Those born under this sign expect to enjoy the luxuries in life, but they also aren't afraid to work hard to earn the money to pay for them. Bulls are notoriously hard workers, and although known to be stubborn, they tend to be respectful and loyal employees. They are likely to make wise and well-researched investments, and are unlikely to pursue the riskier ways of making money.

That is not to say that they are not capable of innovative thinking, but their uses of creativity are often subtle and will often be seen as purely logical steps by others. Those born under Taurus must be careful to surround themselves with dreamers and creative types, so as to not overlook unconventional opportunities that may get them where they want to be faster. Good pairings include Geminis, Scorpios and Pisces.

Challenges & Weaknesses :-

The Taurus bull is known for being patient and kind but the flip side of all of this is that the Taurus can be kind of stubborn. You simply cannot tell a Taurus what to do. They will make up their mind in their own time, and once they have made up their mind - you cannot tell them what to do. It is like they don't listen, because they don't! !

Men & Romance :-

Now some Taurus men have a reputation for being a bit dull. You may have heard of the perfectly nice guy who sits in his lounger chair every evening to watch television and goes bowling every Thursday night - for thirty years!!! That is a Taurus guy for you. They love routine. He is also someone that appreciates beauty in all forms, so his home and surroundings will be beautiful. Keep your place beautiful too. Even if you are just serving him a snack, arrange it on the plate to look pretty. The Taurus will notice.

Women & Romance :-

To romance a Taurus woman you first need to romance her senses. The Taurus woman loves and appreciates beauty in every form: so romance her with things that she finds beautiful. From beautiful flowers (make sure they are her favorite flowers, not just the classic roses), to beautiful music and sumptuous surroundings and delicious food. The Taurus woman will notice that you have taken great care with every detail in her honor and that will be the most romantic thing you could do for her.