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Health :-

Physically the Virgo will be a little taller than average with slender and well-built bodies. Neither the Virgo male nor the female will be outstandingly handsome or beautiful, but they will be striking and attractive. Their voices may tend towards being shrill.

Virgo is in charge of the hands, abdomen, intestines and nervous system. They are prone to colds, pneumonias and obsessive compulsive disorder. They are worriers and this can lead to ulcers and other stress-related diseases. Males may experience some erectile dysfunction at some point in their lives.

Career :-

The Virgo is good in any profession which requires an extreme sense of organization, such as accounting or information technician. They are likely to achieve a high level of education, due to their excellent ability to both manage money and stick to a plan. The only negative trait Virgo faces in their career is a tendency to be inactive until their course is carefully mapped out, a position which may be advantageous in some cases but not in others. Virgo is best trusted with the reins of the household purse as they will spend and save wisely and frugally

If a Virgo acquires wealth it will be through hard work and investments.

MoNey & Finance :-

Excellent with money, although not necessarily great at attracting large sums of it at once, Virgos amass their fortunes in small installments. They are dedicated to saving for a rainy day, and can get by, and actually live quite well on very little. On holiday, Virgos are likely to spend big bucks only on the things really worth spending money on, and content themselves with whatever free activities are on offer.

At the same time, Virgos are not cheap, and will be especially generous with their partner and their friends. Yet even budgets for gifts are carefully calculated; Virgos rarely spend more than they can afford. Preferring to be their own boss, Virgos do well as lawyers or as investors. Virgos do best when they are left to manage their own affairs, but must be careful not to quash a mate or friend's independence should they become involved in managing or helping with their finances.

Challenges & Weaknesses :-

A Virgo can be fussy and quite nit-picky. If they love you they'll criticize things they think you should know to "improve" yourself. If they don't love you - they'll still criticize you to help you improve for the sake of mankind. Virgos are typically obsessive housecleaners, the type that have plastic slipcovers. Even on the cat.

Men & Romance :-

The Virgo man is one who is well romanced by the woman who serves the people in her life. The woman who will win his heart is the one who tends to his needs in an unselfish way. To care for him when he is sick or to take care of something that he has forgotten to do because he is busy. You don't have to be a maid to get a Virgo man to love you, but you do need to be attentive and caring. He'll notice every detail, including that spot you just missed.

Women & Romance :-

A Virgo woman may not be the easiest to romance, but it is certainly worth it. The Virgo woman has great feelings of service when it comes to love. When you do useful things for the Virgo woman - you are romancing her. The man who shovels her driveway or puts on her snow tires is the one she'll fall for. Someone who is steady, dependable, reliable and most of all - someone that believes in serving others.