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Aries Sagittarius Aries

Health :-

Their restless natures can lead Sagittarians into sports injuries and other associated traumas. Being highly strung can also lead them into stress-related illnesses.

They have strong and wiry bodies and are usually handsome, with high faces and oval foreheads. They tan easily and their hair is usually brown. They govern the hips and thighs, which can lead to hip problems later in life. They also can have poor skin, nails, and hair

Career :-

The optimism of Sagittarians is contagious; they will be the one that bolsters the office spirits in trying times. They have a lust for leadership and power that may drive them to change careers until they find the role that suits them. They will also be averse to monotonous work, and will instead try to pawn that off onto subordinates.

Very good organizers, they make excellent project managers, especially if the project will make higher management notice them. They are generally in it for the glory, and most happen to make good money along the way.

MoNey & Finance :-

The Archer loves what money can bring; freedom, fun and adventure. They can sometimes have trouble saving, and can get themselves into some serious debt, but unlike other signs tend to remain unaffected by changes in material wealth. For Sagittarius, money is not a symbol of power or a tool to wield over others; it is simply a means to an end, and that end for Sagittarius is happiness.

Although not the thriftiest sign in the Zodiac, Sagittarius nonetheless plans for their grand expensive adventures. They can manage to "find" the money they need to fulfill fantastic dreams that others would not take the risk to pursue. Sagittarius should avoid credit cards, and should endeavor to find a partner good with money or at least hire a good accountant.

Challenges & Weaknesses :-

Many people love these happy-go-luck Sagittarius people. But it can be hard to love a Sagittarius after you've been the butt of one of their jokes, especially one of their famous practical jokes. They just never seem to understand that this is not that funny. Many Sagittarians are so focused on learning and traveling that they don't develop relationships.

Men & Romance :-

The Sagittarius man is fun and easy to get along with. They truly fall for a woman who laughs at the right part of their jokes. Don't get us wrong: they like a funny woman too. But the Sagittarius man wants to be funnier - he wants to have the better story or the better gag line. Let him give that punch line and he'll be yours to romance. Sagittarius men are also notorious for wanting to take unusual trips - like a six week camping trip in some remote place you've never heard of before he's mentioned it before. The woman who will land him will get the shots necessary to go and stay in that tent for the six weeks, and laugh at his jokes the entire time.

Women & Romance :-

The key to romancing a Sagittarius woman is to laugh your way into her heart. The Sagittarius woman simply cannot resist a good joke and a charming way. Many Sagittarius women also have a secret love of travel - and the man who is ready, willing and able to travel with them on a moment's notice will have a very good chance with them. You have to be smart to be with a Sagittarius, even the ones that really didn't like school are quite self-taught and know a lot of stuff.