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Aries Leo Aries

Health :-

Leos are generally larger than those around them, even if only through charisma. They are usually taller than average and lean in youth, although they tend to put on weight later in life. Their hair is usually blonde and they have wide, prominent eyes

Leo reigns over the upper back, forearms, heart, and spine. They are therefore subject to ailments like carpal tunnel, heart disease, and scoliosis. Leos should take extra care to eat a heart-healthy diet, and work off some of that excess weight if they have it

Career :-

The Leo is a natural born leader, and will be a manager or senior executive if they do not own a business outright. Leo does not make an excellent employee unless you are prepared to give them complete power and control over their department - anything less will rankle the Leo's need to be complete master of their domain.

They will be successful as long as they can harness their true potential, and not get sidetracked by pet causes or projects. Leo has the rare ability to inspire his workforce to prosperous acts of teamwork.

MoNey & Finance :-

Lovers of luxury, and sometimes obsessed by social status, Leos surround themselves with unique and expensive things. They are the most likely of the signs to buy designer clothing and live an extravagant lifestyle. In all aspects of life, it is important for Leos to be the center of attention, and Leos will use their money and any other means to achieve and maintain this position.

Yet Leos are also strongly resourceful, and aren't likely to go bankrupt, provided they are kept away from spending money on pure trivialities or gambling. Leos are likely to command attention and do well in positions that allow them to lead others. Becoming a leader is normally key to a Leo's wealth; they do well to delegate and accomplish work through others.

Challenges & Weaknesses :-

The Leo can be a bit of a show-off. There is no other sign that will talk endlessly about themselves to anyone, if there is any chance of anyone even remotely listening. They'll twist any tale to make it so that they are the best and the most important of all. While Leos can do many impressive things - all of this showing off can get to be a bit of a big bore

Men & Romance :-

A Leo man truly wants a woman who acts a bit like a king. You see, secretly the Leo thinks that he is royalty, so he will be attracted to the woman who knows that she is a queen. This does not mean to behave like a spoiled pop star, but to dress glamorously and to treat people royally will get the attention of this man. That is the direct line to this man's heart. When you do something with or for the Leo man, make it a bit of a production. His birthday every year should be celebrated with a big party.

Women & Romance :-

When you want to romance a Leo woman, you really need to make a production of it. Leo women like a little bit of a presentation when it comes to anything that you do. Dress extra special or take them to a fancy restaurant. Make sure you get the best table or something that is exclusive. Keep in mind this does not mean that the Leo woman is a gold digger or only into the guy who has mega-bucks: but she does want and deserve to be treated like royalty. When you treat her like royalty she'll know you are romancing her and will respond with great passion.