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Aries Scorpio Aries

Health :-

Scorpios have thick-set bodies with bowed legs. Their hair tends to be coarse and curly. Their faces are square and their eyes are dark. They are very disease-resistant.

Scorpio governs the pelvis and reproductive systems. They are prone to kidney stones and sexual conditions, particularly in the males. Scorpios are also known for promiscuity, which could lead on its own to these troubles. They should take extra precautions when engaging in sexual activities.

Career :-

Scorpios have the enviable ability to be creative and to turn that creativity to concrete uses. They make excellent architects, engineers, graphic artists, web programmers, or anything else where they are creating great works from the ground up. They also need extreme self-discipline to ensure that their creative natures do not devolve into a life of short-lived creative pursuits rather than a proper life plan.

They are best as managers, and can have a lack of tact that is incomprehensible to their subordinates. Scorpio will not waste time explaining why something must be done, they will just tell their employees to do it. They may also take credit for work that subordinates have done for them.

MoNey & Finance :-

As in other aspects of their life, Scorpios are very private and mysterious about their money; how much they have is an intimate detail shared with very few. This may lead many to believe they are not concerned with it, but the opposite is quite true. Scorpios see money as a means for power, and power is everything to Scorpios. They will use money to their own ends if it affords them more freedom of choice, and often, if it will allow them to control others. This makes them sound sinister, but this is not the case; Scorpios rarely control others for solely their own ends.

           Their plans may be devious in nature, but the outcomes are usually, if not altruistic, harmless. The Scorpio mind is a complex one, and many find Scorpio's purchasing habits random. They are the types that will bring their lunch to work every day, only to splurge on champagne and caviar in the evening. Scorpio must be careful to allow enough transparency in business dealings that he or she does not come off as untrustworthy.

Challenges & Weaknesses :-

Scorpios can be kind of scary with their intensity. Some of them can be quite vengeful and you'll never forget it if a Scorpio is angry with you. Scorpios love things that are strange and unusual and they love to investigate things. Scorpios are quite secretive and it can take forever to get them to trust you.

Men & Romance :-

A Scorpio man is best known for his intense passion. There are some Scorpio men that truly do "break up to make up" and they love the good fight as much as the make up session. But the more mature Scorpio sees the benefit in channeling his passions into developing a stronger love bond. The way to romancing a Scorpio is to find out what he is passionate about - from his barbecuing, saving the whales or his on-going feud with the neighbors.

Women & Romance:-

The Scorpio woman is most known for passion. Some Scorpio women have burning and intense passion. But the secret to romancing a Scorpio woman is to understand exactly what your Scorpio woman is most passionate about. Keep in mind that some Scorpio women love to argue or debate, simply to "break up to make up" but not every one of them is like this.