Aries Aquarius Aries

Health :-

The greatest health danger to the Aquarian is their obstinate independence. They will often not visit doctors, especially when they believe that they have something more important to do. This often works against the Aquarian as they do tend towards illnesses of all kinds.

They generally have light hair in youth which darkens in later life, and long faces that are captivatingly attractive. They are shorter than average.

They govern the lower half of the legs and blood circulation, and so are prone to nervous complaints and gout. Excess alcohol should be avoided by the Aquarian, and regular exercise engaged in to improve circulation.

Career :-

The Aquarian is independent, and will tend not to perform a task set to them unless they are given a good reason as to why it should be done. This can frustrate their superiors. As such, the Aquarian usually does best in individual pursuits, such as their own small business or professions of an artistic nature. Thomas Edison is an excellent example of the Aquarian character - highly intelligent but unwilling to fit under a corporate yoke, unless it is their own. They are technically brilliant and make good engineers and computer programmers.

MoNey & Finance :-

Aquarians seem to make money almost by accident, and are often self-employed. Visionaries and philosophers by nature, they are often too preoccupied with what they see as the more important issues in life to be obsessed by material possessions, investments or sometimes even bills!

Their ideas and innovative systems are often highly prized, and so they do seem to fall into money, but their resources can ebb and flow quite dramatically. This does not seem to both Aquarians, however, unless a lack of money starts to stand in the way of their dreams. The best course of action for an Aquarian is one of self-discipline and routine when it comes to money, in order to create a habit of correct money management.

Challenges & Weaknesses :-

An Aquarius can be quite unusual and different and they like it. Many of them get caught up in unusual political or society causes and they can be quite outspoken. It can be hard to keep a regular paycheck when you are always out chained to something and getting arrested.

Men & Romance :-

The Aquarius man is inventive and unusual so it makes sense that when it comes to romance, they are often looking for a "different" type of woman. The true secret to an Aquarius man is that they want a woman who is unusual in some way that they can brag about. Are you the top juggler for your state championship this year? Are you one of identical triplets? However you can make yourself seem special (maybe even a little weird) to them - will win their heart.

Women & Romance:-

The Aquarius woman is quite interesting. Aquarian women are rather logical but have a great inventive streak. The Aquarian woman is best romanced with originality. Dates that are special in ways that they are things that other people simply would not think to do, are the way to appeal to an Aquarian woman. Try tiny ethnic restaurants together or hunting down vintage clothing stores together. The Aquarian woman most likely has a great selection of 45s and would love someone to help her find new (old) records.