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Aries Aries Aries

Health :-

Aries are prone to injuries due to their impetuous natures. They are usually of medium height and are not prone to being either skinny or larger. They usually have a long neck and an oval face. ugly when Aries goes to the dark side and starts to fight just for the sake of it.

Aries tend to "sleep like the dead" owing to the frenetic pace at which they live their lives. Aries rules over the head and brain, and as such they are prone to headaches, depression and nervous disorders.

Career :-

Aries employees are intelligent, ambitious, and will stop at nothing to get the job done and done correctly. However, they must be treated with the utmost respect and remunerated well for their services, or they will rebel through giving immediate notice or corporate espionage.

If they can manage to discipline their headstrong natures, Aries will be extremely successful materially.

MoNey & Finance :-

Aries are the entrepreneurs of the Zodiac, and money comes to them relatively easily. They do often have difficulty working as a subordinate to anyone, however, and can be difficult to manage unless given assignments that challenge them. Regardless, they are seldom out of work, and will blaze their own trails when they find themselves in a less than desirable employment situation.

Aries thrive on new opportunities, and are willing risk takers no matter what the stakes. At the same time, Aries have trouble holding onto their money for long and prefer to spend it rather than save it for a rainy day. Aries are very generous with their money, sometimes to a fault, and will give large amounts away to charity or to friends and family. This sign must be careful not to mix business with personal relationships too often, as they will find that others take advantage of them with little regard for their feelings.

Challenges & Weaknesses :-

This sign has got a problem with patience. For one thing: they don't have any! Whenever you see someone tapping their foot online, you can smile because you've found the Aries in the room. Aries love to be first and finish first and never like to wait. They can be very competitive, sometimes to the point of silliness. After all, who cares who drinks their milk the fastest? Some things just aren't a race!

Men & Romance :-

The Aries man appreciates a woman with confidence. Even a shy girl can get an Aries, just be confident about who you are and happy with yourself. The more satisfied you are with yourself - the Aries man will pick up on this and will respond accordingly. Aries men love hot and spicy things, so make him chili or Mexican food sometime. The Aries man has a lot of passion and can be very loyal to the right woman.

Women & Romance :-

The Aries woman loves a man with confidence, so whatever you decide to do - do it in a way that shows that you feel confident and self-assured. Bravery is also a big turn-on for the Aries woman, so men that do brave things will certainly get her attention. The Aries woman is not a "hearts and flowers" type of woman but that does not mean that she has a heart: actually she has a very passionate heart. Do not say anything to an Aries woman that you do not truly mean: she'll hold you to your promises.