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Aries Gemini Aries

Health :-

A Gemini will often have a boyish or girlish face, even into adulthood. They have very attractive bodies, arresting eyes, and prominent facial features. They never stop moving and as such do not risk excessive weight gain as a rule.

Gemini is the ruling sign of the arms, shoulders, lungs, hands, and nervous system, so Geminis need to be on guard for anything affecting the upper portion of the body, and recurring respiratory illness such as bronchitis. They may also burnout from stress easily if they don't take a break now and then to recuperate from their hectic lives.

Career :-

Geminis' are very intellectual creatures and as such do best as academics or creative managers. Not ones to stick with a project, they do best in jobs where they spend short bursts of time and energy on something, such as photographers, actors, or designers. The Gemini is fully in the moment and does excellent work while they can stay with it. They do have to watch how they spend money as they can be impetuous and rack up debt quickly.

  They are also excellent public speakers and make good politicians.

MoNey & Finance :-

Geminis have a seemingly lackadaisical attitude toward money; they hate balancing their books and do so only to facilitate a new business venture or to stretch a budget to accommodate an adventure. That being said, Geminis will always find new ways to make money, and even save money if they need to.

With their charming personalities and innate penchant for negotiations to their benefit, Geminis are rarely out of work, and rarely have all of their eggs in one basket. In fact, it is a common Gemini characteristic to have a second career on the backburner! Geminis must be careful not to lose touch with the practical steps they must take in order to achieve their long-term financial goals.

Challenges & Weaknesses :-

Some would say the Gemini has many interests - and they do, but this often means that they are all over the place! They are true social butterflies: with jam-packed schedules and too many things to do and often many of them are superficial. They also try things for two weeks and drop them like a hot rock when they get bored.

Men & Romance :-

A Gemini guy likes a lot of variety in his life. Now this doesn't always mean that he has lots of girlfriends - but keep in mind that sometimes it does. Geminis are very skillful flirts. The Gemini man is well romanced by the woman who can romantically banter back and forth with him. He also likes a woman who can have conversations with him on many different topics. The Gemini man loves to do many different things - so one date you could go salsa dancing and other night you could go spelunking.

Women & Romance:-

A Gemini woman is certainly very interesting to romance. The Gemini woman loves variety - so whatever you do, make sure to keep things lively and interesting. Make dates active and interesting. Go salsa dancing one night, an art opening another and try an evening at home for another date. The kiss of death for this woman is making her eat pizza and watch movies at home night after night. The Gemini woman is also seduced by the man who can keep her in good conversation. The man who can entertain her with interesting tid bits of information and engage her on several topics for the evening will be the one that keeps her attention.